The Homer Half-Hour Podcast #13: An Interview with Paul Mitchell

It’s been an awfully long time since we published a new episode of the podcast and for that I apologise. We’re very proud, however, to be returning with this interview with author Paul Mitchell. Paul works in multiple styles—memoir, poetry, fiction and academic writing—but a preoccupation of his in each is masculinity, and specifically Australian masculinity. He’s written about violence, healing and the generational passing of burdens for a number of publications, and whether it’s before or after you listen to this latest podcast we strongly recommend you read his articles for Meanjin, Griffith Review and The Big Issue.

In this episode of the podcast, Ashley Thomson talks to Paul about role models, violence, the power of healing relationships and what it might take to amend Australian masculinities for the better. (Paul’s thoughts on the potential links between competitive capitalism, neoliberalism and violence are especially interesting.) And if, at the end of the podcast, you find you’d like to know more about Paul, you can visit his website at We also just published a piece by Paul: ‘The shape of a mentor: What I learnt from my uncle and Elton‘. It’s about Paul’s uncle, who’s served as a fascinating and wildly unconventional role model to Paul throughout his life, and it’s downright excellent.

If you’d prefer to listen to the podcast on iTunes, it’s here, and on TuneIn it’s here. Thanks for listening!

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