Announcement: Homer goes long

Since our launch in 2016, we’ve thrown the door wide to all sorts of writing on masculinities—essays, reviews, creative non-fiction. The idea has been to bring in as much non-fiction writing as possible, in any format, of any length, so long as it pushes against normative conceptions of masculinity. And we’ve loved what we’ve got.

But in our third year, we’ve decided to change up our publishing model. While we still want writing that challenges and changes ideas of masculinity, we’ve decided from now on to focus on one particular form: the long read.

It’s been our experience that to really express an important idea, let alone a bracing or new one, you have to go deep, and the best writing about gender does this. We want to bring more of it—specifically around masculinities—into existence.

This change has a few other benefits, too: we can pay each writer more per piece ($150); we can spend longer on editorial (one piece per month); and we can promote each writer’s piece more fully (dollars saved = dollars spent getting work out there).

So, from now on we’ll publish less, but hopefully offer more—both to our writers and our audience.

Head to our submissions page for more information and examples of what we’re looking for. And if you have any questions, email us at We hope you enjoy what we have in store.

Header image by Patrick Tomasso

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