Thanks for thinking about pitching to Homer. We’re closed indefinitely for pitches and submissions. We’ve left this page live as a reference only.

First, if your submission to Homer is published, you’ll be paid.

We’re committed to a minimum of $150 AUD per published piece. We do not offer kill fees, and we pay after conclusion of editorial and before publication.

Second, we’re looking to create a particular kind of conversation and we use an unusual publishing model to do it.

Since late 2019 we publish only one long-form piece of non-fiction each month of the year. This means we want big, complex ideas deeply explored, probably to the tune of between 2,000 and 5,000 words, though longer pieces will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

What you can expect from us during the editorial process is a close and robust engagement with your work—its ideas, research and expression. So go big—and expect us to meet you there and help you carry your work through to completion.

Third, we want submissions from everyone.

Homer is neither exclusively by men nor for them. Masculinities affect everyone – positively, negatively, differently. However you’ve encountered them, every angle is needed to create as robust a picture of masculinities as they deserve and need.

Fourth, some recommended reading.

Here are a few of our past pieces that we strongly recommend wrapping your brain around.

Small acts of violence: On men in public spaces (Nov 2016)
#RoleModelReading: An interview with Mike Esler (Jan 2017)
The shape of a mentor: What I learnt from my uncle and Elton (May 2018)

And here are a few pieces from other sites that really set the bar.

Real Men do Hit Women by Michael Salter (Meanjin)
The Legion Lonely by Stephen Thomas (Hazlitt)
What is it Like to Be a Man? by Phil Christman (The Hedgehog Review)
Why the phrase ‘toxic masculinity’ is an obstacle to change by Josephine Browne (Overland)

So far we’ve published work on fatherhood, race, capitalism, listening, hair, sharing, muscle, dating, dancing, alcohol, fat, defeat, the Internet, meat, violence, stereotypes, creativity, anger, domesticity, religion, movies, music and hobbies. We’ll consider work on these and any other topics.

When you’re feeling fat and sassy, email pitches to Ashley Thomson at

You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter. We respond to all enquiries and pitches as promptly as possible.